Element Collection

Element Collection

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Glassware

I just got in a sizable order of some fancy new glassware! I got a number of specialized pieces that will allow me to do many new and more advanced experiments, and I'm very excited to try them out!

I got all this at a real bargain, from someone dismantling a start-up bio-tech business that didn't work out. The beakers, flasks, and graduated cylinders are just so I have more standard glassware available. The real exciting bits are those at the bottom. They (along with the round bottom flasks) make up an all 24/40 ground glass distillation kit. I'll be able to use this for reactions that are too corrosive for rubber stoppers or produce a lot of fumes. The ones I have in mind are producing and distilling nitric acid and elemental bromine. I'm looking forward to setting these up and starting some new and exciting chemistry. Keep an eye out for some of this glass in upcoming posts here or videos on YouTube!

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  1. Such a great collection and it will surely impressed all your guest if you have an occasion in your house. I would probably get some of these if I see this in Ebay and in Amazon.