Element Collection

Element Collection

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Home Scientist: About

Welcome to The Home Scientist!

I created this blog to document and share my scientific experiments with anyone that cares to read about them. This all started with my decision to start an element collection. I'm collecting samples of every element from the periodic table that is obtainable. That leaves me with 92 elements, from Hydrogen to Uranium. Some are common around the house, some can be bought online, and others can be obtained through chemical reactions. The last is what prompted me to build my home laboratory, and the desire to document my experiments lead me to make this blog. It might have been boring in school, but I bet your chemistry class never did stuff this cool.

Also, I hope that by sharing my experiences I can get people interested in science. Sometimes the school system presents the material as too mathematical or not as fun as it can be, and kids lose interest. The fun of all science, and chemistry in particular, is in my opinion all in the experiments. Science is all about curiosity and the drive to know just how the world works, and getting kids interested early on will, if nothing else, help to open their eyes to see the wonders of the universe we live in.

With all that said, I have to put a disclaimer for anything you see on this site. Everything I do at my home, you probably shouldn't do at yours. I have years of education in laboratory safety and practices, and have worked with chemicals in three different research labs. While I'm not discouraging other people's own scientific pursuits, I have to emphasize that you exercise extreme caution and wear proper safety gear if you ever do anything like what I do.

So enjoy reading, please comment and become a follower, and again welcome to The Home Scientist!

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